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Living Arrows 28/52 – Arrr Me Hearties

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Kahlil Gibran

So we have a walker! Stripe has been taking a few steps in between things for a little while but lacked the confidence to really go for it. On Tuesday I took him to a soft play centre where we met his friend who is about 6 weeks older and has been confidently walking for a few weeks. Well he obviously didn’t want to be out done because that was it, he was off and there’s been no stopping him ever since!

Living Arrows - Arrr Me Hearties!

It turns out, Stripe has discovered, that walking has many perks! His favourite so far has got to be discovering how to get on his ride-on pirate ship! Although we had given him a ride on it a few times previously, he’s never really shown much interest in getting on it himself. That all changed Sunday morning when he made his mission. After a few false starts and getting on it backwards, he finally managed and look how happy it made him! I hope he always feels such a sense of achievement and pride in himself when he succeeds at something!

Living Arrows - Arrr Me Hearties!

Shameless proud mummy brag: If you want to see an adorable video of some of Stripe’s first steps click here, I guarantee it will brighten your day!

Living Arrows

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