A Trip to Scarborough

Recently we spent a couple of days in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. I used a voucher that Mr NJC had bought me for my birthday to book us a night in a hotel. When we arrived in Scarborough we went straight to the SEA LIFE Sanctuary where we planned to spend the afternoon. You can read all about our visit here.

After that we headed to Mansion House Hotel where we were staying the night. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos on the way in as I was carrying a sleeping baby. And I didn’t get any photos of the room because the same baby woke up on the way into the hotel and promptly trashed the the place within approximately 3 seconds! You’ll just have to take my word for it that it was lovely. There is a beautifully kept garden and hanging baskets framing the door which opens into the kind of hallway that I covet!

We rang the bell on the door and a lady named Angela appeared within seconds to greet us. She had put us in the ground floor room for ease of access with our little one (very thoughtful) and the travel cot was already set up and waiting for us. But the pièce de résistance has got to be the tea tray! As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I adore tea, especially Yorkshire Tea and so does Mr NJC. So much so that whenever we go away for any length of time, we take our own supply of teabags. Well I have never seen such a well stocked tea tray! And it wasn’t just Yorkshire tea on offer, oh no, it was Yorkshire Gold!


We settled down with our brews, logged onto the free wifi (an essential when travelling with Mr NJC!) and perused TripAdvisor to find somewhere to eat. We settled on an Italian restaurant just a short walk from the hotel, Tuscany Too as it had excellent reviews and was listed as ‘child-friendly’. It was a lovely evening so we popped Stripe into his stroller and went for a leisurely walk, taking a completely deliberate and not at all to do with me misreading the map detour, to see some sights. There was a glorious view over Scarborough Bay from the road the hotel was on.


When we arrived at the restaurant there were already a few people eating (a good sign for 6pm on a Monday night!) but the waiter looked bemused by the stroller we were struggling to get through the doors. Then when he showed us to the table he revealed that they didn’t actually have any highchairs! He must have seen the look of horror flash across our faces because he quickly rushed off to see what he could do. After finding a home for the stroller he offered us a table in one of the window booths so that we could ‘wedge’ Stripe in between us. It wasn’t ideal but I appreciated his efforts to accommodate us.

Due to having an unrestrained 1 year old practically in my lap, I didn’t dare to get my camera out so alas there are no photographs of the food but Mr NJC did snap a lovely photo of me and our beautiful boy. They gave us a lovely tomato bruschetta, free of charge to put us on and brought Stripe’s pizza out as soon as it was ready. He’s terrible at eating when we’re out and about because he’s far too nosy and busy exploring so naturally Mr NJC and I had to help him out. The pizza was delicious, a thin base and plenty of topping just the way I like it!

Scarborough - Mummy and Stripe

For mains I had a cannelloni and Mr NJC had Chicken Cacciatore (although he’d actually meant to order the next one down! Both were delicious but I probably would have enjoyed mine more if every time I leaned over to take a bite, Stripe didn’t try to make a break for it behind my back! A waitress came over and brought him some paper and a pen to try and keep him amused while we ate. It is little things like that that really make a difference to a person’s day. Even if it only worked for a short while, her intentions were greatly appreciated!

We didn’t dare attempt a dessert as it was already passed Stripe’s bedtime so we headed back to the hotel. He is a terrible sleeper at the best of times and even worse when we’re away from home so we didn’t have the best night’s sleep. All 3 of us ended up crammed into a double bed albeit a very comfortable bed! Breakfast was served from 8am so we headed down as soon as we could to find a table already set up for us complete with highchair! There was a good selection of cereals, muffins, fruit juices etc as well as the option of a cooked breakfast. Of course we opted for the Full English which was top notch and set us up well for a morning on the sea front.

Scarborough - Sea and Swim

Scarborough Bay

We didn’t really get up to anything exciting. Both Mr NJC and I like taking photographs and so we just enjoyed walking from the hotel into the town centre and admiring the views. We were hopeful that after his bad night’s sleep Stripe may nod off in his stroller and let us sit at a cafe for a while in peace but no such luck! Here are some of my favourite shots from the day:

Scarborough Grand Hotel

Scarborough View

Scarborough 'Sun Bathing'

Scarborough Arcade

Scarborough Lighthouse

Scarborough Advert

Scarborough Boats

Scarborough Boats

Scarborough Cafe

After trying and failing to get Stripe to sleep we decided just to stop for a brew anyway before heading home. We walked through the town and then back down to the front through a stunning garden on the cliff face. If you don’t fancy that there are a couple of cliff lifts which you can take for a small fee.

Scarborough Funicular

Scarborough - Daddy and Stripe

We chose to stop at The Clock Cafe as i’d seen it online and it had great reviews. You can sit inside or there is plenty of seating on a balcony area overlooking the bay. Although it was quite grey, it was dry and warm so we chose to sit outside. We had a pot of tea for two, a current slice and a caramel shortbread. The cakes were homemade and absolutely delicious! Stripe enjoyed himself too playing a great game of catching daddy’s nose!!

Scarborough Daddy and Stripe

We had a lovely time in Scarborough and would definitely visit for a longer break. It would be great to visit on a warmer day so we can spend some time on the beach and have a paddle in the sea! Have you ever been to Scarborough? What did you think?

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14 thoughts on “A Trip to Scarborough

  1. Looks like you had a lovely trip and managed to take some great photos. We’ve never been to Scarborough before but I know the boys would love the Cliff lifts – we went on some when we were in Devon and they were amazed by them! #KCACOLS

  2. I have been to Scarborough a few times and recently blogged about it too! it is great for families 🙂 sorry you had a rubbish nights sleep -never fun when they don’t sleep away. and argh re the high chair in the restaurant! nightmare ey but at least they brought the food out pronto! ah brilliant! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday 🙂
    Emma recently posted…Toddler Tablet Fun! KidloLand App Review!My Profile

  3. I have never visited but these pictures are beautiful and really capture a sense of character! You definitely plan well when looking for places to eat etc! I just tend to pick what is closest and hope for the best! I am glad the hotel was so kind and thoughtful it can be tricky travelling with little ones! #KCACOLS

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