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Living Arrows 30/52 – A Splashing Good Time!

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

We finally had some sunshine here last week (although it has already disappeared again!) so there was only one thing for it! On Tuesday morning we went out to the shops and bought Stripe his first paddling pool. During his nap I strimmed and mowed the lawn and prepared the pool. I put it right in the sunshine so the water would warm up a bit while he was sleeping. When he saw it through the patio doors he was so excited. He had so much fun splashing and pouring water from one to cup to another. He was not happy when it was time to get out and have some lunch! It hasn’t been warm enough to get it out since but I’m hoping that we’ll get a few more uses out of it this year.

A Splashing Good Time


Living Arrows

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