About Me

My name is Emilie. I’m wife to a lovely Yorkshireman and mum to a little boy, who for the purposes of this blog I shall call Stripe! He gained this nickname a couple of months after his birth when a particularly bad bout of cradle cap made all his lovely hair fall out! When it started to grow back it looked like we’d given him a mohican and so he was nicknamed Stripe after the Gremlin.

About Me - Stripe

‘Not Just Cake’ started out as a little home-based cupcake business that I set up a few years ago. Unfortunately my “real” job got in the way, I had a wedding to plan and then I had a different kind of bun in the oven and so I made the decision to close my baking business.

Now ‘Not Just Cake’ has been reborn as a blog where you can follow my trials and tribulations as I get to grips with life as a first time mum. When I’m not writing you can find me pottering in the garden, avoiding the ever increasing pile of ironing or devouring chocolate with a nice cup of Yorkshire Tea!

If you would like to work with me or just fancy a chat, please do get in touch!